"Let Us Entertain You!"
"Let Us Entertain You!"

Our 2018 Season:

Open positions:

     We are in need of people to fill the following position:


                Choreographer (Summer Musical)

Interested?  Email us ASAP at info@armstrongcommunitytheater.org !

ACT Variety Show - "USO, Through the Years"

Worthington Civic Center

February 23 & 24, 2018 at 7:30PM                February 25, 2018 at 2PM


Girls Night Out (Murdery Mystery Dinner theater)

Worthington Civic Center

April 20 & 21, 2018 at  7PM              April 22, 2018 at 1PM


Dorothy in Wonderland  (Children's Musical)

Casino Theater, Vandergrift

June 21-23, 2018  7:30PM


Kiss Me, Kate!  (Summer Musical)

Casino Theater, Vandergrift

July 20 & 21, 2018 at 7:30PM             July 22, 2018 at 2PM  


An Evening of Culture (Comedy)

Worthington Civic Center

November 16 & 17, 2018 at 7:30PM            November 18, 2018 at 2PM


ACT's Annual Variety Show - Join us for a patriotic themed variety show that will honor our history and reinforce our pride.  We'll have songs, dances and skits from former USO tours.


Girls Night Out - (Guys are welcome too!)  Four women, on their way to an evening at the theatre, stop for dinner at the establishment owned by the ex-husband of one of them. Between the salad and entre, he ends up dead.  Each has a reason to wish him dead; perhaps one did more than wish.  Perhaps it was one of the other guests. Only unwinding the plot will tell which one is the murderer. 


Dorothy in Wonderland - The worlds of Oz and Wonderland collide in this fantastically fun romp, cleverly and carefully adapted from the works of L. Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll.  Dorothy Gale has made her way to the end of the Yellow Brick Road, and the wonderful Wizard of Oz is just about to help her get back home to Kansas.  But before she can hop into the wizard’s balloon, another whirlwind appears over the Emerald City, sweeping Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion away to Wonderland.  Equipped with their new assets — brains, heart and courage — Dorothy’s friends try to help her find her way home, meeting many other interesting characters along the way, including Alice, the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare, the Cheshire Cat and many more.  They also must face a dangerous new foe — the Queen of Hearts!  Dorothy and Alice team up to defeat the queen at croquet, but will that be enough to return Wonderland to normal?  And how will they ever get back home to Kansas and to London? 


Kiss Me, Kate! -  Egotistical leading man, director, and producer Fred Graham is reunited with his ex-wife, Lilli Vanessi, when the two are forced to play opposite one another in a new production of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. The battle of the sexes continues onstage and off, as it becomes clear that, as much as this couple profess to hate each other, they are also still in love. Alongside their bickering liaison, the show’s supporting actress, Lois Lane, supports her gambling boyfriend, Bill, as he attempts to evade the the clutches of local gangsters. Throw in a number of cases of mistaken identity, the mob, and comedic routines into the mix and you get Kiss Me, Kate -- a dazzling Broadway classic that earned the very first Tony award for Best Musical.


An Evening of Culture - We're in Mineola County, where the Community Theatre is producing Romeo and Juliet. Even though the cast members don't have their lines memorized, the set isn't finished, and a dog keeps barking offstage, they're gonna give it a go! There's just an awe-inspirin' performance given by Mildred Carson (who doesn't look fifty) as Juliet. And there's great chemistry between Mildred and Bubba Bedford, who is cast as Romeo. And lest we forget Naomi Farkle Carson, who provided the additional dialogue.


Pictures from our 2017 season:

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