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"Let Us Entertain You!"

Audition Announcements (1):

For: "All Because of Agatha"

When: Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Where: ACT's rehearsal space at the Worthington Civic Center (under the library)


AUDITION INFO: Please come prepared to read from the sccript. 4 Men and 6 Women are needed for this show. (See below for synopsis and character info.) 


NEED TO KNOW: Rehearsals will be heold on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, beginning August 31st. Show dates are October 15 & 16 at 7:30 PM and October 17th at 2:00 PM and will be performed in the Civic Center Auditorium.  


Synopsis: "All Because of Agatha" is a hilarious comedy written by Jonathon Troy. Duff O'Hara and his bride, Joan, buy an old historic home in Salem, Massachusetts, and find out too late that it is haunted by Agatha Forbes, a with who was burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. Agatha is not happy about this, and she returns to the house every November 22. So Joan decides to throw a witch-hunting party on November 22 to convince Agatha to stop haunting the house. Thanks to the head of the Salem psychic society; the medium Madame LaSolda,; next door neighbor and obstetrician Dr. Randolph; and Joan's Aunt Thelma, along with other odd guests, things go hilariously wrong! Agatha really starts to have fun, as she now has the power to make everyone in the house do what she wants! To find out how - or if - the spell is broken, visit Agatha and her friends at the "haunted house" this coming October at the theater!


Duff O'Hara - is a cartoonist in his 30s or 40s and loving husband to Joan O'Hara. He is an intelligent man with a good sense of humor, who agrees to buy the haunted house of Agatha Forbes. Although his wife has a strong interest for the supernatural, he himself is a skeptic when it comes to the subject. He prefers a nice comfortable home where he can raise a family and do his work.


Joan O'Hara - is a beautiful lady in her 30s or 40s and who is happily married to Duff. She is a warm, poised, and quick-witted lady who has a strong passion for the supernatural and the occult. In fact, not only is she excited about their new haunted house, but she decides to hold a witch hunting party on the very evening when Agatha Forbes is scheduled to come.


Mr. Van Buren - is a real estate agent who shows the O'Haras the old Forbves house in Salem. He is a jovial, enthusiastic middle-aged man who is eager to sell the old house, yet he is open and forthright about telling them about the house's haunting history.


Mrs. Boggs - a local community woman, who is in her mid-40s. As a member of the "Society of Psychic Phenomena in Salem" is very interested in the O'Hara's house and would like their help to build a Psychic Center in the heart of these troubled ghostly districts.


Ethel - is an attractivec young cook and housekeeper who works for the O'Haras. She has a flambouyant style and appearance, along with a New York accent. Like Mr. O'Hara, she is very skeptical about believing in ghosts and witches.


Dr. Randolph - a single middle-aged man and local doctor, who is generally liked and respected; however, he tends to be a little shy, high strung and rather nervous. 


Thelma Breckenridge - Joan's rather flirtatious aunt who is very chic and gregarious. She is generally outspoken, opinionated, and very expressive. She is also well traveled and fully enjoys the pleasures of life.


Flip Cannon - a young, energetic and flirtatious reporter from the Herald, who is always looking to catch that great story and attractive ladies.


Madam La Solda - Dr. Randolph's mother, who is also a medium. She is an attractive and flashy women, who is theatrically made up. She likes to wear bizarre looking clothes and lots of jewelry. 


Agatha Forbes - the deceased with who comes back one day a year to haunt the house and force out any new occupants from the place where she was burned. Unlike typical witches, she is fairly attractivec and uses her witches' magic to cast spells on the house guests.


Production Staff: Emily Younkins, Director

For any specific questions about auditions not addressed above, please email the theater at info@armstrongcommunitytheater.org and include "auditions" in your email subject. 

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